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Herbed Cheese

Herbs used:
1 sprig (about 8-10 inches long) Greek or Sicilian oregano, leaves removed, stem discarded
3 leaves Garlic Chives, coarsely cut up
1 4-inch sprig Sweet Marjoram
2 4-sprigs Thyme (remove the stem and discard it)


1 round of skim milk or similar cheese
1/2 cup pecans or walnuts (or sub. 3 Ritz crackers if allergic to nuts)

Place the coarsely cut-up Garlic Chives, Marjoram and Thyme into a small food processor with the nuts (or crackers) and pulse-blend until the mixture is well chopped.

Pour some of the herb mixture onto a piece of plastic wrap and place the cheese on top.

Pour the remaining mixture on top of cheese, pull the plastic wrap up and over and wrap tightly. Refrigerate over-night to let the herb flavors blend into the cheese.

Serve at room temperature with a cheese knife and good crackers.

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